Abundant Life Christian Counseling

Life is a journey.

It sounds cliche, but you are living the story of your life. Some are near the beginning, some are midway through, and some are looking towards the sunset. Wherever you stand, it may not be where you expected to be. You may not be who you expected to be. You may have experienced hurts you didn't see coming.

For Christians, Jesus talks about the abundant life He offers, even in the midst of and through suffering. Sometimes life feels like a far cry from that. God can feel far away, and hearing His voice can be difficult. Counseling can be one piece of finding a way to change your path or your perspective. Counseling can be a tool to have peace and joy where you are while you journey towards who you want to be.

No matter what you believe, counseling offers a confidential place to talk, practical skills to change, and ways to think differently. Of course, counseling cannot provide all the answers, but it can provide a time to focus on adjusting your path and living more intentionally.

Abundant Life Christian Counseling (ALCC) provides telehealth counseling services for teenagers and adults. Avrial Mendoza, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the Commonwealth of Virginia, welcomes those interested in becoming a client to read more about services on this site, contact her with questions (see below), or set up an initial screening call.

Feeling disillusioned, distant, confused, angry? Not sure what to believe?

Experiencing worry, fear, or stress, or feeling overwhelmed?

Feeling that your world has shifted and you don't know how to adjust? Feeling sad, depressed, or missing a loved one?